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A beam in thine own street

Big beam

Yesterday, a trucker delivered this oversize-load sized steel beam to Robert Street in Roslindale Square so that, starting at 4 a.m. on Saturday, workers can begin to replace the bridge that now carries the Needham Line over the street. The bridge dates to 1898.


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Then I checked the project website and found out it's being done this month. And it won't be finished until the end of the year.

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Mayor Walsh had paused construction at the start of the pandemic for quite some time, which caused many firms to have to re-do schedules based on labor and resource availability as well as weather-related considerations as well as the no-dig winter prohibition. Not surprised this happened. One of my projects was delivered 9 months late, and we got lucky due to good relationships at 1010.

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It's just "Robert" Street. No 's' at the end.

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And yet, something compelled my fingers to add the S. Thanks, removed.

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It certainly looks like it will be much, much lower once this is done?

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It gets mounted so it's largely above the track bed. Shouldn't be lower and might be higher.

There's a drawing on the MBTA site.

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So unlike the current design, this will project up so the lower part of the train is somewhat hidden?

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Short answer is yes. The new bridge design is similar to that being used elsewhere through the system as bridges are replaced. Once installed you will no longer see the lower section of the locomotives or coaches, i.e. the wheel trucks.

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There is a standard for street clearance for large trucks and fire apparatus to easily pass underneath so the new bridge will meet the current height or be a little higher. Modern design and modern steel will allow a somewhat different mount system that will easily carry the weight.

The existing supports that are on Robert Street will be cut out and dug up and the street will be a little wider when finished.

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.. I thought this was yet another storrowing.

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