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Beef on the hoof is on the moove in one 495 town


The cows in question.

Police in the normally serene town of LIttleton report a pair of wily bovines have fled the coop.

The cows managed to evade the officers and local farmers who wanted to help. The cows eventually ran into the woods. If you see them, please DO NOT APPROACH OR CHASE them!

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Will cut you.

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Speaking for this city boy, cows are adorable until you get up close and realize that each one is the size of a goddamn car and could crush you to death without undue effort. I will heed the Littleton PD's advice and leave these bovines be.

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When I lived in Littleton briefly (>30 years ago), our landlord's sheep and goats would get nuts when the grass greened up, knock down the fencing, and take to the road. They weren't alone in this, which required identification after capture.

Cows in the fall are a new one, though.

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… send them. They chose a different ending.

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