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Board approves cannabis shop near Sullivan Square

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a proposed marijuana shop at 116 Cambridge St. in the Lost Village section of Charlestown.

Proposed owner Nike John now has to win approval from the state Cannabis Control Commission before she can open for business. John will get some preference as an "equity" applicant - she is Black, and so a member of a group that was historically targeted in the past war on drugs.

Nearby residents opposed the proposal on traffic concerns - and told the board they were worried the proposed Heritage Club would mean a flood of traffic of people going to and from the Everett casino stopping by to meet their marijuana needs, since neither Everett nor Somerville have marijuana shops more convenient to the casino.

Ricardo Patron, aide to City Councilor Lydia Edwards, said the councilor was concerned because John doesn't live in Charlestown and because of "a lack of community support." However, Edwards, not normally one to shy away from taking a stand, did not officially oppose the proposal, but instead left the whole thing to "the board's discretion."

One resident did speak in favor of the proposal, saying the building would be behind a liquor store and a barroom and so barely visible.

Traffic remains main objection to proposed Charlestown cannabis shop; but some residents worry it could be a gateway to harder stuff.

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