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Bonus at the reopened BPL

Reopened BPL and resorted DVDs

Michael Malyszko checks in from the now fully reopened Copley Square library:

The BPL is open and it’s great to have it back. It looks like the staff spent their Covid downtime alphabetizing and labeling the DVDs. They’re now spine up! Bravo!

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It must have been an unholy mess trying to find the DVD you wanted when they were not labeled or alphabetized. It's not like you could have asked a librarian if they had such-and-such DVD on hand if they werent even in the system.

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they weren't in the system? Plus, until recently, you had to take the books/DVDs out online. The librarians would find it for you.

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I did not now that. Damn good COVID precaution there!

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