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Boston-area highways turn into slip 'n' slides in light snow; expect more of the same through tomorrow

Part of a six-car crash on the turnpike near 128.

Part of a six-car crash on the Masspike near 128.

Welcome to Dot managed to escape this six-car smashup on the turnpike near 128 this morning.

Then, barely a mile down the road, he crawled past another, smaller crash:

Turnpike crash

State Police reported multiple crashes, one involving a rollover, on I-495. On the turnpike past 495, meanwhile, MassDOT lowered the speed limit to 40 all the way to the New York line.

The National Weather Service says the tiny little taste of a white Christmas we got this morning will only get worse: Expect more precipitation through Christmas day, in the form of freezing rain.


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This cheap state has some of the highest taxes known to man but still holding back on salting the roadways.

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Nobody tell this guy about California or New York.

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The other 37 states with higher total tax burdens than Massachusetts.


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Who cares about the taxes? Are you saying you’d be ok with icy roads if our taxes were lower?

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Massholes will learn to deal with freezing rain and carry/use tire chains.

Wheeeee fun with climate change!

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Some salt could've helped this time.

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The only thing good about this is that it's another reason for me not to join the sanity of materialistic shopping madness as a symbol of the meaning of Christmas. Madison Avenue executives won't use me as their bitch.

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Alas, better at saving the space than driving to it.

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Oh no problem driving in snow, I've done it all my life.

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