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Boston parks head takes new job that focuses on just one park

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy announced yesterday it's hired Chris Cook as its new executive director.

Cook had served as commissioner of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department before becoming Mayor Walsh's chief of environment, energy and open space.

Cook begins at the conservancy in May.

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It was the experience of me and my neighbors that his individual routinely ignored our requests and appeals for funding over many years; alll the while damage was happening to the city park and pond that is a significant part of our Brighton community. In my opinion individuals that operate like Cook give public servants a bad name.

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isn't that a state DCR property, not a city park?

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Name a nicer person.... I will wait.

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Chris Cook has been a real asset to the City of Boston’s parks and open space. He’s always been responsive as a leader and worked as a true advocate for green under two mayoral administrations.

Glad he’s sticking around in Boston in his new non-government role.

Congrats Chris!

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I had the pleasure of working with Chris when he was under Menino in the arts program. He was absolutely wonderful to work with, at a time when very few others in city hall would give me the time of day. And Boston's parks are in great shape thanks to him. I'm thrilled for everyone involved.

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Why does the Greenway need a Conservancy? It should be a regular park, without its own administrative staff.

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can be paid over $200K per year. In some ways, it's even better than the Convention Center Authority.

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