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Boston shuts tents with toilets, wash-up areas for Mass and Cass denizens

WBUR reports on the shutdown of the tents.


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It's now easy to see why so many city councillors have time for 60 forums. They don't actually do anything for the city

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And you know what they are doing?

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"And Martinez acknowledged that the problems surrounding the open-air comfort station became untenable."

Duh, obviously. But I would love to see the full report of just how rowdy it got.

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Those addicts and mentally ill citizens will now just have to go home to poop. I foresee no problem here.

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From the article:

The city's health and human services chief, Marty Martinez, told WBUR's Jack Lepiarz on All Things Considered that the services made available in the tents will continue to be offered at a nearby drop-in center that's been housed in a temporary structure for four years but will soon open in a permanent building. And Martinez acknowledged that the problems surrounding the open-air comfort station became untenable.

Is the temporary structure still open until the permanent building opens?

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People Experiencing Substance Use....

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And that wasn't helpful.

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Too bad the city threw a huge fit about setting up a supervised, clean, professionally monitored place to shoot up and zonk out. No, no, much better to have those people default to semi-public utilities and therefore make those unsafe and untenable to all the other homeless folk who need them.

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That we should make it comfortable for drug addicts to inject poison?
Maybe Milton or Wellesley could set up some areas now that we took the tent down., Its not like all of the addicts are Bostonians anyway.

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I mean, the state senator from that swanky town seems to thing such facilities are just swell.

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