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Boston will follow state and lift most Covid-19 restrictions on May 29

Acting Mayor Kim Janey made the announcement this afternoon, citing continuing increases in vaccination rates and drops in Covid-19 cases and hospitalization.

Janey said some 55% of adult Bostonians have gotten at least one shot.

Janey and city Health and Human Services Chief Marty Martinez said Boston's Covid-19 numbers are now the lowest they've been since April, 2020. Martinez said that as of May 11, the citywide test positivity rate had dropped to 2.1% and that no neighborhood is higher than 4.3%. He said the number of Covid-19 patients in Boston hospitals is around 55.

But both said vaccination rates in Black and Brown neighborhoods remain lower than those among White residents and that the city will expand its efforts to boost shots in those neighborhoods.

Janey added that residents should continue to take appropriate steps to protect vulnerable residents, including wearing masks when appropriate, washing their hands and the like.

Still, she added, "there's a lot to celebrate today."

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Despite no vaccinations for young children and lots of adults not vaccinated, we’re celebrating going maskless.

Since Fenway Park is going back to 35,000 ticket holders for concerts and games and the restaurants are back to their pre-pandemic capacity seating, let’s remove the parking space barriers placed by eminent domain on our neighborhood streets.

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