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Breakthrough Covid-19 cases and why Northeastern is requiring both shots and regular testing for students

Northeastern News interviews Dr. Sehyo Yune, leader of the school's Covid-19 effort.

There are definitely people who are fully vaccinated and are pretty ill. But mostly the symptoms last for a shorter amount of time and it’s more like a cold or mild flu than, like, you can’t breathe, you have to go to the E.R. If you’re vaccinated, it is much less likely that you’re going to be hospitalized or die from COVID-19 than you would have been if you were not vaccinated.


Q. If I get the sniffles or a scratchy throat, I should get tested, right?

Yes. And wear a mask.

Yune also explains why the school is both requiring students to show proof of vaccination and continuing regular Covid-19 testing this fall - along with contact tracing for anybody who tests positive.

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Mt. Holyoke is requiring vaccines, indoor masking, and weekly testing, the latter at least into October.

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incoming students are required to be vaccinated, with some exceptions. students will get tested three times the week after arrival, and then will get tested once a week after three negative tests. anyone who has gotten a vaccine exemption will be tested twice weekly after the three negatives.

onsite staff is mostly on a two week testing cadence at this point, with vaccines required. indoor masking is required and likely will be through the fall semester.

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With vaccines, it's like a good flu.

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WTF? A good flu?

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Some experts are saying that with the variants it's likely or possible almost everyone will be infected at some point, even with masks. (Although masks will slow the spread.)

Those who are vaccinated will feel nothing or get sick (a small percentage very sick), not unlike the flu. Those who refuse to get vaxxed are at a much higher risk of getting far sicker to the point of death.

Unlike before the vaccines, the flu analogy isn't baseless when referring to those who have been vaxxed.

The message should be that everyone should get vaccinated. It makes a huge difference in outcomes and, much like the flu, COVID is something that is unlikely to be eradicated in the near future.

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and a "good flu" can still be deadly.

or can be transmitted to others.

mask up. get vaccinated. be smart. its really not that hard.

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that's a "bad flu". :-)

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Before our current pandemic, I can't recall anyone ever speaking so highly of getting an influenza infection...

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At my kids' summer school in Brookline, there's no COVID testing and staff including the nurse (not teachers) wear their masks on their chins. Students at colleges can get vaccinated, but the majority of public school students in elementary schools can't.

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