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Brockton man charged with shooting near Ashmont T station

Boston Police report the arrest of Shawn Murphy, 49, of Brockton, for a shooting on Dorchester Avenue, across from the Ashmont T station, that sent another man to the hospital around 9:30 p.m. on March 4.

Police say the BPD fugitive unit, US marshals and Brockton Police arrested Murphy in Brockton around 5:45 a.m. today.

Innocent, etc.



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Keep Ashmont Less Shooty. Good job BPD.

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Had stronger gun laws, this fine man wouldn't of had his ltc! More background checks!

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That the guy was carrying illegally.

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against the law? Surely a respectable man would follow our state's gun laws. Would more guns laws have stopped this?

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What’s the argument here? Is it that “certain people don’t follow laws, therefore said laws are futile and should not exist”?

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How much harder might it be to get a gun if other states had the same rules our state does? How many deaths are caused in Massachusetts by guns bought in New Hampshire?

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Most illegal guns start out as legal guns. If there are so many of these so-called “law-abiding gun owners” out there, how do so many of these legal guns end up on the street?

Most illegal guns enter circulation through a legal purchase, a straw purchase (where the dealer follows the law but and the “legal” buyer is purchasing the gun on someone’s behalf), or from purchases made from legally-licensed dealer who is either irresponsible or corrupt. A small percentage of illegal guns come from theft, which indicates irresponsible gun ownership and so-called “law-abiding” gun owners not following safe storage laws.

The gun used at Sandy Hook by a legally-owned gun. The gun used last week in Atlanta was legally purchased. The gun used in Boulder was legally purchased. The current gun laws aren’t working or are not being enforced and there is no credible argument for relaxing gun laws.

It should be much more difficult to get guns and background checks is an extremely popular policy amongst voters and a good first step.

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