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Bruins matches called off through Dec. 26 due to all their Covid-19 cases

WBZ reports on the NHL action - and the two newest Covid-19 cases.

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What about people who paid $25,000 for a ticket. Do they get a refund?

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Who pays $25,000 for a ticket?

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Maybe it was actually an NFT of a Bruins ticket?

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hopefully they took the time to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions that come with buying a ticket to a hockey game and we won't have to worry for them.

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I heard the coach had it but I think he was only gone 3 games

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100% vaccinated (only three unvaccinated players in the league). Some decent number of players in COVID protocol are asymptomatic, and only caught because they are tested every three days.

Some discussion about getting rid of that rigorous testing for vaccinated, asymptomatic players -- test if there's a reason, but don't test just for the heck of it. A bridge that we'll have to cross at some point when COVID becomes more like the flu or a cold, but a controversy of when the time to cross that bridge is.

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