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Cafe and community space coming to changing section of Dorchester Avenue between Andrew Square and West Broadway

Rachel Lazar went before the Boston Licensing Board today asking permission to open an 18-seat daytime restaurant at 383 Dorchester Ave. that will be available as a meeting space in the evening.

Her Cannonball Cafe will feature "healthier options than what exists in the area" currently, her attorney, Tom Miller, said. That stretch of Dorchester Avenue is transitioning from industrial and commercial space to residential.

Miller said Cannonball Cafe will serve breakfast and lunch items between 7 and 3 p.m., but is seeking a closing time of 10 p.m. so that it can be used for community meetings and the like, Miller said.

The board decides whether to grant the required food-serving license at a meeting tomorrow.

Both the mayor's office and City Councilor Ed Flynn supported the proposal.



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I hope it works out for her. There's not much down this way. From Perkins Square/West Broadway down to Andrew Square there is practically nothing left in the way of a sit down eatery.
Cafe Polonia is very good, but that's it. The Connection is in front of the cannabis board to become a dispensary. Castle Island Brewing just opened too.
I'd like to see the area rebound, without it being a clone of West Broadway.

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For that stretch of Dot Ave. between Frank Webb's and the warehouse GoPuff operates out of. Plus you'd think a restaurant/cafe serving breakfast and lunch would do well with the people working in all the industrial businesses in that area.

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