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Can you believe it?!?

On WEEI, Joe Castiglione uttered his catch phrase at the end of the top of the 13th inning after the Sox caught a break with a ground-rule-double call, and then just a few minutes later after Vazquez hit a walk-off homer to win it in the bottom of the 13th.


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And this is why I absolutely love listening to Red Sox games!

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What I have a hard time believing is that someone at MLB Network thought it was a good idea to break away multiple times over most of the first 9 innings to play an ad while there was game action going on. Not referring to the annoying stupid split screen which is bad enough, but they were actually breaking away and running ads while the game was underway. If you paid attention you could see that there were usually 2 or 3 pitches that never got shown. Way to grow interest in your product, asshats.

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