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Candidates keep talking about crappy old BPS school buildings; maybe the next mayor can start with the EMK Academy for Health Careers

If the city can actually, finally build a new school for an arts academy in a rickety former postal warehouse with no theater, maybe the next mayor can do something about a health-sciences school that's supposed to be in the medical area but which opened yesterday in a building near Franklin Park that BPS had closed in 2014.

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Can they at least add air conditioning to the current bldgs before making brand new ones? LOL.. I say we start with my alma mater Brighton High, the most beautiful BPS building. ;p

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Cassellius said if they find a better space, BPS would be willing to move EMK from the Endicott in the middle of the school year.


BPS does nothing unless it is a building-falling-down emergency.

Why would they contact UMass Boston and Bunker Hill CC for space when neither of those is remotely near the LMA?

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They already have space and equipment for healthcare career education, and people were hoping they could be accommodated there? Also sharing space with a college seems like it sends a better message to voc students about the district valuing them and their program than sticking them in an old school building that's not remotely suited to their program. It does sound like they tried things. But ugh, this really sucks for them. And yes, the location aspect was a selling point for many students I know who chose it -- again, the message it sends about how the program is valued.

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BPS is always going from emergency measure to emergency measure.

It's never going to stop until they tear down and rebuild almost every school in the city. The average school building here is 80 years old. No ventilation, water you can't drink... it's a disgrace.

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It’s so unsustainable to discard the old because were too incapable to maintain or update them as necessary. Tons century old school and college buildings are still functioning totally fine. We just need to take better care of the things we have.

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For "continuing emergency measures," then.

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their former location was NU"s building at 110 The Fenway , Cahners Hall ( not Connors).
Wonder why NU ended the lease arrangement? What was the emergency?
The 9th and 10th graders are in the Farragut building ,a former elementary school on Huntington Avenue.

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I was sure this was one of the "guest" posts from someone else. This seems like it was written with a lot of emotion, but not a ton of cogent details for the uninitiated. Just my 2¢.

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At the helm of BPS?

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