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Citizen complaint of the day: East Boston's plywood palace now attracting taggers

Graffiti on plywood building on Porter Street in East Boston

An irate citizen files a 311 complaint about East Boston's Eternal Plywood building, which morphed from the Eternal Flapping Plastic Sheets building, at Porter and Orleans streets.

The famous East Boston SLUM has new, ugly graffiti on it. On the busy Porter Street side.

Citizen complaint of the day: Boarded-up East Boston eyesore now dropping boards on cars below, 3/15/21.
New owner of large East Boston eyesore says it's ready to rebuild it as soon as city grants final permits, 1/12/21.
New owners of boarded-up East Boston eyesore vow to turn it into a hotel, 12/12/18.
Rarely a good thing when somebody drives into scaffolding around a building, 2/2/16.
100-year-old East Boston factory could be recast as boutique hotel, 3/10/15.


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someone in the neighborhood tackling the real issues. /snark

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Does anyone know why that building is in a semi-permanent state of plywoodness? I recall seeing it in the same condition maybe 5 years ago. It’s on the corner of Porter and Orleans Streets.

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