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Citizen complaint of the day: The fault line running down Blue Hill Avenue

An outraged citizen files a 311 complaint about the mega-pothole/trench along Blue Hill Avenue at Morton Street in front of the B-3 police station:

The San Andres fault has appeared on Blue Hill Ave and Morton Sts. It is in the right lane in front of the police station. It is a trench,half ass filled by these goddammit utility contractors. It has cause damage to my rim and it is unavoidable. Fill it asap before someone gets killed. It is on BHA ,right at the cross walk with Morton st. My wheel is damaged and who has to pay for that? ME! THIS IS BULLSHIT! Pave the damn roads!


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Is that a masshole?

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The condition of Morton Street between Blue Hill and Harvard has been trash for the last 3-5 years, if not longer.

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Hm....whos the City Councilor there? Who is at large that lives near there? Who is the Congresswoman of the district, where are the services, where is the money? where is our Quality of life? Ideology is interesting but concrete services matter too,

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I'll bite. Who represents this street in the House? Mass being the most gerrymandered state, one must ask this question. Isn't JP/Rox in like 3 different districts? I know one is Ayanna, but who are the rest?

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You can look this information up on your own:


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I would never have bet that Arroyo is the City Councilor that represents the intersection of Morton Street and Blue Hill Ave. You learn something new every day.

Also, you linked to the wrong map. It is here.

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Oh Magoo’s Goody goody goodness. Magoo.

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as to whether the 311 folks will reply and explain that the city has a claims department that will accept a claim for damage from a road defect.

Or will they just be like "yeah, noted."

311 poster, if you happen to see this: https://www.boston.gov/departments/city-clerk/how-file-claim-city

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Morton Street is also Highway 203 and is a State Road. Unfortunately you have to call the DOT to get the issue resolved.

I've had to call them many times when dealing with a crosswalk stop signal that kept breaking. They would always resolve the issue pretty quickly (at least temporarily, it would always break down again).

Not sure how quick they would be when it involves construction though....

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this is what 311 is supposed to fix. 311 is supposed to be a 1-stop place to report an issue and have the city coordinate the response across city/state agencies.

It's a failure, they just close things as 'noted' rather than dealing with any such issues.

Often, they don't even coordinate within the *city department*. Submit something to 311 under a category that prompts a public works ticket, if it's an ISD issue, 311/DPW will just close it and tell you to contact ISD.

I had hope when it moved from "The Mayor's hotline" under Menino to a what was supposed to be a true 311 system under Walsh, but it remains a barely-useful service.

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311 is a city of Boston resource. It has no connection to state/dcr/dot/mbta etc. it’s run by the city and is based in city hall.

There SHOULD be a universal place that handles everything. Unfortunately I won’t hold my breath.

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It may have no official connection to those agencies, but it would be useful to have a single place a citizen could call about an issue that may or may not be a cross jurisdictional thing, and the people on the other end know how to call about the issue. The average joe isn't going to know which particular piece of asphalt belongs to which agency.

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If someone in city government wants a problem fixed at a state facility within the city, they call up the relevant state department, and the state listens.

There’s no reason why 311 can’t or shouldn’t do the same for city residents. And it shouldn’t be a resident’s problem to know that one particular road that looks like all the others is owned by the state. The city has this information, and they have a contact at the state.

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