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Citizen complaint of the day: Fireworks season already?

Over the last few days, concerned citizens have filed 311 complaints about fireworks at Castle Island in South Boston, Charlestown High (where they burned the turf) and the Bremen Street Park and the McKay School area in East Boston.

And that doesn't even include the giant explosions, roaring cars and eardrum-busting music from the area of the American Legion strip mall (the one with the Popeyes, not the one with the Stop & Shop) that Roslindale residents self reported to each other on their Facebook and Nextdoor groups shortly after midnight today; perhaps they were too exhausted to also complain to 311.

One outraged citizen filed a more generalized complaint demanding to know what the city plans to do to tamp down a recurrence of last year's pandemicpalooza of nightly fireworks, like, whatever happened to that task force the mayor back then set up to deal with the issue?

PLEASE start addressing the illegal fireworks and loud music in our communities. Please have a realistic plan on how the city of Boston is going to handle this quality of life issue. This nuisance has ALREADY begun and it is not even summer yet. Thank you.

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I actually filed it last June. Never received any feedback from the city until 3 days ago, when they closed the complaint.

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Yes, good point, if anyone happen to know what that fireworks task force as come up with, if anything, I'd welcome the information.

I pledge my vote to the council or mayoral candidate who is willing to take meaningful action to address the issue of fireworks-blowing sociopaths in Dorchester.

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So any other sociopaths, in Dorchester, or elsewhere, are fine with you?

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Or are you just permanently outraged at everything?

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With high school football games being played in the spring, and the Boston Marathon scheduled for October, why should anyone be surprised that people are already shooting off fireworks in April.

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Can somebody explain to me this obsession people have with fireworks? I just don't get it. Last July 4 season (apparently it's a "season" now) in my East Boston neighborhood somebody set off fireworks pretty much nonstop from 10 PM to 4 AM. Never mind the utter inconsideration to neighbors, but you would think even the hardest diehard would get bored at some point during all that. But apparently not.

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Did you ever play with matches as a kid?

Same reason.

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But there were big booms in Dorchester (Morton and Norfolk) last night and tonight. Just sounded like maybe one guy or group setting them off.

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