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Citizen complaint of the day: Frickin' potheads on the Common

A put-upon citizen filed a 311 complaint about the vulgarities filling the air during the cannabis fest on Boston Common today:

Very disturbed by the loud profanity that's been going all day with the cannabis festival on the Common. The announcer has used the f bomb and sexually explicit language ALL afternoon and it's inappropriate for our jewel. They should be censured and this cannot happen again.


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I hope the ticket lodger didn't clutch those pearls so hard their nails dug back into them

jfc.. get a grip

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This is nothing compared to what's going on at the Commons' day to day.

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...you gotta call it Boston Common, not Boston Commons :-)

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But I don't think the sentiment was off base at all. I think it's very sad to see the erosion of certain standards for public conduct, and I don't blame people for lamenting the loss, especially if they're trying to protect young children from crassness and crudity. That said, I don't think there's much if anything we can do about it, besides hope for a massive cultural correction that will bring common courtesy and consideration back into vogue.

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I think it's funny that you have imagined a time when the Common was some kind of paragon of politeness and good behavior. This has been the public center of our city for centuries, with all the vulgarity and wildness that comes with being the public center of a city.

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Like, is there anyone who unironically refers to their child as their "jewel"?

Swearing and sexually explicit language over a megaphone or whatever sounds pretty inappropriate and unnecessary for a potfest, but I'd want to hear from a more reliable complaint before I believe it.

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I think they're calling the Common "our jewel" and considering it to be a bit more sacrosanct than a common park. They'd rather not have the commoners speaking the common language among Olmsted's emeralds.

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The Boston Common was established, back in the days of yore, as the common pasture for the milch cows of the residents. Long, long before Olmstead was born.

I don't think a "cow pasture", even 300+ years on, is a sacred space.

Look, out here in reality, many of the festivals (and especially a cannabis festival, for a substance still illegal under Federal law rather than regulated under ATF where it and so many things belong) are going to be expressing frustration with the status quo in our society. Which will often involve what Adam Ezra calls "Harsh Language". It's time to get used to living in the big city.

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That makes a bit more sense, thank you.

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Inquiring minds want to know.

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Other places and forms may also be illegal, but I'm not sure.

(And it's still illegal at the federal level of course...)

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