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Citizen complaint of the day: South Boston rotary needs a goose-crossing sign

A concerned citizen files a 311 request about the rotary where Old Colony Avenue meets Preble Street and Columbia Road:

We need a goose crossing sign as people zip through that intersection while the geese are trying to cross.

Citizen complaint of the day: The missing geese-crossing signs in Hyde Park.




i remember when the geese were really afraid to cross at that rotary.

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Drivers who otherwise despise pedestrians might slow down for geese.

I once witnessed a horrific slaughter and maiming of geese on a highway by drivers who just plowed through where others stopped to try to direct traffic and move the animals at risk to their own lives because of the singleminded drivers.

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Does there exist people who will obey a Goose Crossing sign, but otherwise deliberately run over geese crossing the road?

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Just as there are people who will light up and blow smoke in people’s faces unless there is a NO SMOKING sign posted. Regardless of common sense.

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Worse than pigeons, please relocate to Montreal.

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