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Citizen complaint of the day: Space savers for a glorified rain storm, are you kidding me?

Update: Turns out the photo the 311 kvetcher posted was from neither East Broadway nor today - it was, in fact, a photo from a 2015 WBUR story and shows I Street.

A disgusted citizen filed a 311 complaint about all the space savers in South Boston today - like this one on East Broadway.

Can we get BTD out to remove all of the space savers out?!? Absolutely ridiculous that there's numerous space savers out for a glorified rain storm


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The city isn’t gonna do anything today. Toss the chair in the trash. It’s litter. Feels good to clean up your neighborhood.

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Come on, people. Use some imagination.

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You moved to South Boston but you expect them to change? The mayor codified this practice. It is what it is.

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It looks like I Street between East Eighth Street and Columbia Road/Marine Road. I looked at the 311, it looks like the person reporting it lives on the Pill Hill (at one time there were a number of doctor and dental offices there) section of East Broadway.
I agree that the whole space saver business is something that gets abused. At one time it was a system that worked reasonably well. Now, like so many other things, it's a source of problems. I'd say that the newcomers have adopted this practice and refined it to another level.

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When I lived there 25 years ago, it was the same. Don't blame newcomers for following Southie rules.

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I'd toss it aside. That's weak. Been in Southie over 20 years now. There's always been an understanding that if we ACTUALLY got snow, then yeah...go for it, you earned it for a few days, But this is a little silly. Toss that chair to the curb. So silly.

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