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Citizen complaint of the day: We don't need Clark Griswold lighting up the Bunker Hill Monument

Christmas Vacation Lights Scene HD SFW

A blinded-by-the-light citizen files a 311 complaint about the new floodlights at the newish residential building at 330 Rutherford Ave.:

Clark Griswold apparently took over maintenance of the apartment building at 330 Rutherford. Last week flood lights were installed on the exterior of this building shining straight out at the street and the poor souls that live across Rutherford. Lights are not pointed toward sidewalk and no hood on the lights prevents them from shining straight across the street. This is crazy. These bad boys are lighting up the Bunker Hill Monument from here! Can the city do anything about this?

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Are there zoning codes or other rules which prohibit offensive lighting like this? There should be.

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Yes there are

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