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Citizen complaint of the day: Yuppie loathing along the East Boston waterfront

Although 311 has become the preferred medium for South Boston old-timers to complain about latte-sipping arrivistes, East Boston lifers prefer the old ways: Markers on cement. A disgusted citizen in turn files a 311 complaint about the magic-marker yuppie hatred at LoPresti Park:

Such lovely humans that ruin a gorgeous area for all.


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How quaint. What year is this?


Perhaps they can also complain about elites' chablis sipping & brie eating, as Brian McGrory has done without a wink on the past ten years.

when it comes to Yuppies, they are well hated.


What is the common dominator here? Yuppies suck.

Why do I feel like this artiste also opposes housing development?

Moved to East Boston from somewhere else and is mad the rent has gone up since they "discovered" the former cheap rent in East Boston.


… appear to be mortal enemies of young urban professionals … who just don’t seem to age. Must be vampires.
I guess I mistakenly believed them to be an age group of sorts. Is this retro term coming back or did it never leave Eastie? I hear it so much nowadays.

I saw a Yuppie driving a Volvo station wagon with a No Nukes bumper sticker on the car driving down Bennington Street .


Said don't look back, you can never look back


I saw a Yuppie driving a Volvo station wagon with a No Nukes bumper sticker on the car driving down Bennington Street .

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, walking through the streets of SoHo in the rain.


By Bob Leponge on Sun, 11/21/2021 - 10:47pm.

I saw a Yuppie driving a Volvo station wagon with a No Nukes bumper sticker on the car driving down Bennington Street .

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, walking through the streets of SoHo in the rain.

I saw a Yuppie drinking a piña colada at Eddie C's
His hair was perfect
You better stay away from him, he'll sue you quick Jim
Huh, I'd like to meet his tailor

Ah-hoo, Yuppies of Eastie
Ah-hoo, Yuppies, huh

Eastie is the new Roxbury. Good luck with that long time residents.
At least they didn't have a serial arsonist visit your neighborhood. So you got that going for you.



Sowa you talking 'bout @anon?

Maybe it is the defacer of said area who is the one who is the one that should be scorned and not the Yuppies.


like a disrespectful moron you are going to take some heat.

Everyone, please share your definition of "yuppie". I always ask what it means whenever I hear someone use the term and by taking all the common elements I've heard over the years and putting them together I've concluded it means English speaking outsider with a job.


Yuppie means “someone with a college degree who makes more money than me.”


I remember the word yuppie came out with the word preppie in the 80s. It was something like Young Urban Professional.....and I forget the rest. All I know is it was just another word for someone who had more money than me. But without rich people here Boston would look like Camden, NJ or Oakland, CA.


A Van pulled to the side next to a group of Yuppies along the Eastie waterfront filled with former Eastie residents now hockey dads from Tewksbury and Saugus and forced the yuppies to play a hockey game.


typically a fairly recent college grad who moves into an "emerging" neighborhood, works a white collar job, and often (but not always) behaves in a clueless manner. (violation of parking space saver protocol, noisy parties running too late, trash out on wrong day or not in proper receptacles). The biggest threat from Yuppies is gentrification, after their friends "discover" the neighborhood and start driving up prices, thereby pricing out the God-fearing salt of the earth long term residents. By example, Southie was a much better place when there were street hockey games in the streets. Charlestown, JP and much of Roslindale are now gone. East Boston is changing at lightning speed.


Southie was much better when Whitey and Stevie were dumping bodies under Triple O's and racists routinely got elected to office.

And Roslindale was better when the Square was basically a big vacant lot surrounded by empty storefronts (with a few exceptions like Wallpaper City). You also have a very small definition of Roslindale, there's a lot more to the neighborhood than Mendum Street and Peters Hill.

The Good Ol' Days weren't always so good.


That’s the only good thing I remember. Oh, and less traffic.


Adam takes the bait:)


Southie should close some roads to cars to make room for kids again.

Who appears to be living a better, easier life.

You hate to see it.

They brought affluenza. Mostly only spread to other yups.

Yuppies: Despised by Old Suburbanized Amateurs.

80s term. 80s logic.
The only jobs left are what used to be called yuppie jobs. Manufacturing is gone and it’s not coming back. This crowd didn’t kill those jobs. Boomers did. So now someone who works for a living and doesn’t want to be overcharged to live in a beat up triple-decker is judged? Okay, just checking the logic level.


I mean, there's a lot of graffiti on that monument. Why concentrate on that single piece?

That said, the thing needs a washing down. It's in bad shape. Clean it up!

No respect for tradition and canon. Sad.

Gen Z? Millennial?

DIE, YUPPIE SCUM! (comma optional)

No awareness of even recent history.

I'd wager that whoever wrote that is either on their way to being a yuppie (if that is really a thing anymore) or are the child of yuppies.

Only a boomer would complain about yuppies, Everyone knows it's the millennials who are the destroying the Eastie way of life.

Ah, much like beauty, hate and discrimination are in the of the eye of the beholder.

The old ways, hate and discrimination, excellent.

Landlords get a pass.
Because Eastie property owners cashed in with developers or are currently cashing in with gauged rents. But we can’t blame la nonna, can we, or zio or the neighbors because that’s just not done.

I bought in East Boston in 2005, in a large building that had been vacant for decades. Apparently, the neighborhood opposed the conversion of the building, simply because they did not want people from other areas (younger, college educated) in the area. I'm guessing part of it was fear that the area would change and Starbucks and everything else would move in. They would have rather the building continue to sit empty than have people who do care about the neighborhood, vote, contribute to the economy, etc.

16 years later, we have fantastic walking areas and great views of the city, some nice little local shops and restaurants, yet no Starbucks, and we have a mediocre grocery store. We have to contend with limited access into the city (as in you can't walk) and the traffic, noise, and air pollution that Logan brings, and we tend to be a dumping ground for things like the Eversource substation that no one else wants in their backyard, next to oil tanks.

But yeah - hate the yuppies - for there is a yoga studio, a dog park, and a boat with drinks! Gah!