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Citizen request of the day: Leave the Boston Common Christmas lights on

A beaten-down citizen files a 311 request:

Given that this is the year of the pandemic and it will be a rather long and dark winter, could the Holiday lights on the Boston Common remain on until March first?




You know, that's not a half bad idea. Since each tree has a solid color of lights they are not even particularly Christmas-y, but they do look kind of nice. Problem is, I think I've already seen them being taken down. Some sort of public works trucks were up in those trees doing something, anyway.

Who is going to pay the electric bill?

Since he has supported the Donald Trump, the Darth Vader of politics, the prince of the dark side, Ernie is obligated to start supporting bringing light to the world.

Plus the city is not broke. Far from it.

Yes please!

I hope they do it!


Christmas is over.

Bah humbug!

Good to see a nice 311 request.

Normally I'm one of those "holiday traditions are only for their original holiday" kind of people. E.g. Peeps are only for Easter. Halloween, Christmas, and 4th o July (!didn't know they existed!) Peeps are just wrong. So lights are just for Christmas (to me). But just this one time, I'll make an exception.

So ..... Please keep the lights on!


I'd rather have 311 be more responsive to getting the feces cleaned off of the sidewalks.

Not to mention that would be a wiser use of tax dollars.

Boston is such a grey place in winter. We need the lights! Please.

With all the outdoor dining huts, it's like Sukkos in January. So why not Christmas as well?