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City councilor cancels annual holiday party due to Covid-19

City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo (Hyde Park, Mattapan, Roslindale), said today he's canceling his annual Three Kings Day party and fundraiser.

I will miss seeing you all in person and celebrating together but I refuse to put anyone's health at risk with Covid-19 on the rise.

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We can't hide away from life forever.


We can't hide away from life forever.

"We"? You are free to hold whatever parties you want. Hell, line your guests up and have them lick doorknobs if they're stupid enough. But what's it to you if others make different choices?


What the hell are you talking about?
And you have never heard someone say we as in us , you, me, everyone?
What's it to me? OK, see this is a site
and things are posted for comments and others opinions, my opinion is people should wear masks and get vaccinated so they can live their lives.
My opinion seems to have set you off.
I assume your opinion is it's a good move to cancel, right? Ok, so should I go off on you now because we don't agree?


My opinion seems to have set you off.

Someone else's decision not to hold a party seems to have set you off. That's all.


Only one of our feuding commenters lives in Boston, and the other lives far, far away from Boston.


I'm scratching my head at the doorknob licking comment.

A person decides not to hold a party. Another person gets upset about this, even though it wasn't his party and he wasn't invited. A third person comments on the second person being upset. What does it matter where any of them live?

(I'll save you the trouble: it doesn't. You're just doing you)

Arroyo is my City Councilor.

because we're all freshly vaccinated or boosted, but yeah, others are free to make their own choices. I absolutely respect his decision to cancel.

(Ours was indoors but masked, and with an air purifier running, and we avoided any *other* high-risk-of-exposure scenarios in the week or two leading up and will continue doing so for another 2 weeks. My tolerance for exposure is higher than my tolerance for transmitting it...)


This would have been an event with eating and drinking, therefore people would be taking off their masks. It may be prudent to postpone this, just as Somerville has decided to postpone the public inauguration event for Mayor-elect Ballantyne, originally scheduled for January 3.


It seems like it will never end.

We may still have another year or two or more of this. Hang in there.

Viruses are going to virus. While we help them with our social ways, they don't read our social cues that we are really feeling very done with them.

It will be over when its over. At least we have figured out a way to cut the death toll.


It will be over when its over.

That implies there is some universally agreed upon criteria over what qualifies as "over". That is not the case at all.


There are three ways that a human to human transmitted pandemic ends (sorry none of us epidemiologists asked you). They can be singular, but are more often a combination:

1. There is a definitive cure or elimination via vaccines

2. It abates because it burns through the population and becomes endemic

3. People learn to manage the risk

In the case of the 1918 flu, number 2 was the dominant situation.

For Measels, Smallpox, and Polio, vaccines (#1) were used to wipe out the long running epidemic cycles.

HIV has been more complicated, mostly a combo of #1 (treatments suppressing viral load) and #3 (condoms and sex education). HIV is still an active global pandemic, though damped down a bit.

COVID clearly involves all three - Omicron is pulling down the #2 slot here, but vaccines have reduced some transmission and protected people from death and severe illness, while behavioral responses are also in play (like wearing masks and cancelling events when things get heated up).

We don't have good records of how we got other coronaviruses turning into the "common cold" (although there is some evidence that the "flu pandemic" in the 1880s was possibly one of those four common cold coronas), but that may be the eventual fate of SARS-CoV-2: a endemic nuisance.


Please go read that to Floridians.