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CONFESSIONS OF A MORMON BOY opens in Boston, direct from a sold-out run in LA

Steven Fales was the model Mormon boy: an Eagle Scout, international missionary, BYU graduate, married in the Salt Lake Temple, and father of two children. But what happens when the model finds himself in “reparative therapy” for "same-sex attraction"…and fails?

CONFESSIONS OF A MORMON BOY is Fales’ one man show chronicling his fall from favor with the Mormon Church and rise to grace as an out and proud gay man via the seedy underbelly of the New York City streets. “Fales’ life is the stuff of great theatre,” said The Associated Press, and CONFESSIONS OF A MORMON BOY does not disappoint. This both tragic and comic autobiographical account weaves a twisted path through divorce, excommunication, drug abuse, and male prostitution— is this Mitt Romney’s Mormonism? Who can tell, yet Fales emerges to tell his triumphant story, right in the former-Governor’s backyard. “Wrenchingly honest, hilariously jubilant, and utterly clear-eyed,” Fales’ amazing story of recovery and reclamation, is not to be missed (LA Times).

This critically acclaimed, off-Broadway hit runs thru May 19th at the Boston Center for the Arts. Tickets range from $22 for students to $35 for adults and may be purchased via www.BostonTheatreWorks.com, or by calling Boston Theatre Scene 617.933.8600.

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