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Construction could begin soon on building to replace mess at Dorchester Avenue and B Street in South Boston

The Zoning Board of Appeal today granted a one-year extension to the developer of a proposed eight-story, 150-unit condo building at Dorchester Avenue and B Street to start construction - but the developer's attorney said he's hoping construction can begin even sooner.

That's good news for board member Kosta Ligris, who lives nearby and who says the barriers and other stuff have long caused pedestrian safety issues.

Attorney Marc LaCasse pointed to several reasons for developer Mark Edwards's delays in starting construction, including the fact that it would sit atop a Red Line tunnel.

LaCasse said all of the required plans have now been submitted to ISD, which he said was in the final stages of approving them to that construction can begin, helping to complete the transformation of that stretch of B Street, which includes a new building at 30 B St. and a proposed new building at 34 B St..

The BPDA approved the project in 2017. The half-acre parcel used to be home to Chuck & Ann's Submarines.

270 Dorchester Ave. filings.


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