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Could you call me a cab? OK, you're a ...

New York City cabs on Devonshire Street in Boston

Adam Castiglioni discovered that somebody's turned Devonshire Street downtown into a giant New York City cab stand, either because there were all these New Yorkers up here who are very particular about how they get back home or because somebody's filming something downtown where Boston stands in for New York (it's been done before).

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Money gets you where you wanna go.

That’s generally how traveling works.


They're going to try to pass Devonshire Street off as New York by throwing a few yellow cabs there? It doesn't look ANYTHING like New York. Movies are so dishonest.

I saw them filming Ghostbusters near there yet I’ve never seen a ghost in that part of town! How dare they.


In Ghostbusters, at least, they pasted some Manhattan water tanks and the New York Municipal Building in some of the frames. Also, they replaced Boston street signs with Manhattan ones.

New MBTA Yellow Line cabs at a standstill

(Yes, that's not quite the "T" font, but...)


You'd think it would be a lot cheaper to line up any old taxi-styled cars and then just CGI them to look like NYC taxis, rather than schlep a whole fleet of them to Boston for one or two shots.

I'm thinking they just got a deal from a rental agency and put vinyl wraps and/or decals on them.

I wonder what they look like from the back - plates? medaliions?

It looks like the cabs are missing the typical "occupied" light on the roof, so they could very well be rentals.

I'm almost interested in knowing how they pass off South Station as Penn Station NY.