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Covid-19 numbers just spiraling upward; Massachusetts sets new record for the third time in a week

Graph showing rising positivity rates, now above 13%

Rising percentage of tests results that are positive; once 10% was considered alarming.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health today reported 15,163 confirmed Covid-19 cases - a 51% increase over the previous one-day record, set just last Friday.

The state reported 1,711 people in hospitals yesterday, up 7.3% from the 1,595 recorded last Thursday. Despite the record confirmed cases overall, the number of hospitalized patients is far below the peak of 3,965 hospitalizations, reported for April 21, 2020, a possible indication that vaccinations are working to reduce the number of serious infections. Some 392 people were reported in ICUs todday, compared to the 2021 peak of 461 on Jan. 12.

The state reported 45 death today, compared to 22 last Friday. However, unlike case and hospitalization numbers, which have only been trending up of late, death numbers keep bouncing around.

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It doesn't take into account those still in the line, right?

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Unless those who are still in line differ from those who made it through the line, it doesn't matter: the percentage of tests that are positive is what they look at, not the total number.

When the percentage of tests that are positive rises, that's a clear indicator that is somewhat independent of the number of people who haven't been tested.

Of course this is one statistic of many that public health professionals look at to determine the extent of the latest surge - and, of course, the percent of those in various states of vaccinations ending up in hospitals and morgues is also important, as is the clear shit hitting fan signal out of Deer Island.

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Meaningless concern-trolling question.

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In a world where (a) some of the population is vaxxed but others aren't, (b) lots of folks are Covid positive but asymptomatic, (c) people are more likely to test for holidays or other personal, positively correlated reasons, and (d) people can test at home, these data aren't as helpful.

It's that last part that's the most significant. When people can test cheaply or freely at home and test positive, they're more likely to go get an official test than "normal." That makes the positivity rate go up, but doesn't tell us how much more sick we've become.

IMO, The best data for Boston metro sickness are the MWRA data. Excepting immediately around Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's sampling the entire population every day. Unfortunately, that data set hasn't been updated since 12/22.


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Seriously, holy sh-t! They had been behind for the holidays, was concerned what it would look like when they caught up.


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Is the governor going to do anything about this? How about bringing back some restrictions on indoor dining and gatherings? Or at least requiring masks?

I’m staying home except as absolutely necessary. It’s not fair that I have to be exposed to people taking no precautions when I go to the grocery store or doctor.

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