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Damselflies reflect on the Charles River

Damselflies on a stalk jutting out of the Charles River

Mary Ellen captured a couple of damselflies on a stalk in the placid water of the Charles River's Cow Island Pond stretch off Rivermoor Street in West Roxbury.



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on my wall, and I don't particularly like insects. Bees are good, dragonflies, too. Those Egyptian beetles that roll the shit-balls are cool: I feel kinship in my job, sometimes. Butterflies, like the monarchs that manage to flit thousands of miles to Mexico and back: amazing. Most of 'em, not so much. Clothes moths: straight to hell, boys.

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When I was a kid I used to think damelflies were super charged mosquitos.

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will sew your ear closed while you are sleeping. Bizarre, I know, but we kids wondered. Given that they are highly-efficient killers of mosquitos and other pests, and zero threat to humans, I'd say, "Fire your PR firm."

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I have a dock on a river in Western Mass, so I see this all the time. The females do not seem to enjoy it at all.


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Magoo suspects these buggers are doing the buggerboo, or horizontal polka if you will, or perhaps the vertical tango of you will. Magoo.

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