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On a day of helicopters, one is just hovering over Cambridge, being annoying

All day long, reports came pouring into Boston Helicopter Central, OK, our Twitter feed, about helicopters overhead: There were helicopters over Boston Harbor for the USS Constitution turnaround, helicopters over I-93 for the procession for Sgt. Johanny Rosario Pichardo to Lawrence.

And then there was the helicopter that just stayed in place, for hours, over Cambridge.

Robert Winters, one of the first to report it, updated at 10:55 p.m.:

The helicopter is still hovering over Kendall. It has to be like three hours now.

Cambridge Police responded to one person who asked what the deal was:

We were notified of helicopter activity associated with aerial photography. It is not related to any known criminal activity.

David de Swaan Arons, though, has had enough:

Helicopters doing aerial photography and still going at 11:10pm in a residential neighborhood? When will this stop?

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I don’t live in Cambridge, but after reading that Twitter thread, it went until after 1:30 AM. I think that politicians who agree to allow movie filming that disrupts people’s lives like this should be held accountable. Just because Hollywood has lots of $$ doesn’t mean we have to bend over backwards for them. Were community members informed about the upcoming disruption? Is the movie studio donating lots of money for the community?

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You, your neighbors, and all citizens of the Commonwealth are subsidizing the "production costs" through the Massachusetts Film Tax Credit. There is one very important group who directly profits from this scam:


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just like construction equipment and parties.

The public is not served by news 'copters gathering 14 hours of file photos and video of police sitting around doing paperwork in the aftermath of whatever.

EDIT: Cambridge Police say this would be an FAA issue. I wonder if that means that the city couldn't do anything about drones...

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News helicopters are so stupid. They disturb entire neighborhoods for hours just so the 5 shut ins who still watch local news at 3 in the afternoon can see yet another house fire filmed from a mile away.

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4 helicopters were over DTX showing fire trucks and cop cars.

Channel 7 is 1,800 feet from State Street. They sent a helicopter instead of a truck.

Lazy reporting capped with graphics.

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As if they could film an underground subway station from up in the sky.
All they did was add to downtown noise and air pollution.

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Of a New Yorker cartoon I can't find from many years ago … a photo of a helicopter above the city with a caption like "No idea what is up with the Lexington IRT and it's anyone's guess about Broadway-7th Avenue Line!"

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That kept me up last night too. I expect to hear a response about this. Or like, it never happens again.

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