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Dedham Community Theatre cuts back on hours

Starting next month, the Dedham Community Theatre will be closed Monday through Wednesday nights in an attempt to cut costs on nights when it wasn't getting all that many patrons:

Since relatively few guests join us on the slower nights, it is our hope to reduce expenses and save for what we hope are better days ahead.


Regarding the heat, the engineering company we plan to use to replace our boiler has installed temporary portable commercial heaters in each theatre which seem to be getting the job done, in fact, often times we see patrons remove their jackets. Thanks for your patience and understanding throughout another ordeal effecting our nearly 100-year-old cinema.

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not Dedham Square Theatre

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The large chains seem to be backing down... Showcase is gone in Revere and Woburn and I've heard others have shut down. I hope the super lining to this collapse is that small community driven movie houses rebound.

I still don't feel comfortable in a movie but when I do , maybe in 2022, I'm going to have a hard time finding an open theatre. I'll have to add Dedham to my list.

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Revere is next to a highway and isolated from the rest of the city. Thereby making it an Amazon facility was expedient from a geographic and political standpoint.

The theater is Worcester near the West Boylston line was sold to a company with Amazon connections.

Getting 20+ acres next to a highway is a win win for Amazon and related entities.

Besides, I have zero ambition to see Spiderman XIII.

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was far away from most residences in Revere, but quite close to neighborhoods in Malden.

Our cities and suburbs will become very boring if we convert all of our commercial areas to trucking warehouses and bio labs.

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He said Woburn. You know, the movie theater just off Route 128.

I've been to all of the theaters mentioned (except the Worcester one.) The only one that surprises me is the Revere one. There will always be a market for multiplexes like that. Dedham is quaint, but I never recall it being comfortable in the least. Saw some great films there, but the last time I went to the movies (which was during the pandemic) I was able to practically lie flat while remaining socially distant from other movie goers.

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What are the variable expenses in keeping a movie theater open an extra night? Two or three employees and the heat and electricity? I thought adding showings was relatively cheap since the big cost is renting the films, which is why movie theaters traditionally had shows at quiet times like matinees and on Christmas.

What would they have to charge to make a private showing work? Renting a theatre for a small social gathering with people you trust would be a safe way to have fun.

I hope they make it. Dedham was far enough that I hadn't heard of this theatre, but now I'll make a point to go there once I start going to movies again.

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