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Dedham will soon be kebab-bab-bab'ing along

Atlas Kebab and Grill, coming soon

A Walpole man is getting ready to open Atlas Kebab and Grill at 37 Bridge St., in Dedham, where the Subway used to be, across the street from Moseley's on the Charles and just over the river from Spring Street in West Roxbury.

The Dedham select board approved Mohammed Ouknouz's request for a food-serving license on Jan. 21.

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Looking for excellent Middle Eastern in the area? Try Stardust on Centre Street (near Thai Spice and Los Amigos.)

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I've gotten food from Stardust and Bay Sweets but not Al Wadi.

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We had a sit down dinner at Al Wadi around 3 years ago. The food was good, but I felt it was kind of pricey.

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As Gary says, a bit pricey, but part of it is the experience, so here's hoping for a return to normalcy one of these days (I did get takeout there a few months ago, and it was good).

Also worth trying: Fairouz on Washington Street in West Roxbury. Not quite as fancy an experience as Al Wadi, but that's not going to matter that much with takeout, anyway (also, their prices seem to have come up to near Al Wadi levels).

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Magoo loves a mean shawarma. Magoo.

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Magoo needs a tap from the shawarma bat.

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I love kebab & Middle Eastern food in general. Looking forward to trying it when he opens.

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