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Developer to file plans soon to replace Fenway Star Market; life sciences will, of course, be part of the mix

Samuels & Associates told the BPDA today it will soon file detailed plans for a 553,000-square-foot replacement for the creaky old Star Market on Boylston Street in the Fenway, that will include R&D labs and associated offices as well as ground-floor commercial space and new green space on a lot now occupied by a shuttered gas station.

Samuels did not specify the height of the building in its letter of intent, but said the new building would have a "purposeful" design that would allow sunlight to hit Ramler Park on Peterborough Street. The development, Samuels continues, "steps deferentially to the east, and the open space literally steps up the building" as part of the half acre of green public space the company says it is planning to compliment the Emerald Necklace along Park Drive.

Current Samuels plans call for the Star Market to move to a larger space across Boylston Street as part of the developer's Landmark Center/401 Park expansion, now underway. This will free up the roughly 2.4-acre site for the new building.

In recent years, Samuels has built more than 1,200 residents units in the Fenway.

In addition to residential development along the Boylston Street corridor, the neighborhood has also seen a recent burst of life-sciences development and proposals, including at 401 Park, on Brookline Avenue and most recently at what is now the Simmons University residential campus. This is in addition to development proposed by the Red Sox and its partners.

1380-1420 Boylston St. filings and calendar.



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Going to that somewhat somewhat sketchy Star at midnight in the late 90s as it was the only 24 hour thing around. The store was weird and rundown, even by Star Market's already low standards. There was a cashier who would yell at anyone with more then X items in the express lane even if there was no one else in the store and he was the only lane open.

It's about the last thing on the block to get turned into a highrise. Fine by me. Simcity at it's best. Want more housing? That's how it happens when developers can do what they want.

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