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Developer now putting up large apartment building in the Fenway to file plans for another large building in the neighborhood

Scape, a British company whose contractors are now busy erecting a 477-unit apartment on Boylston Street, where Machine and Ramrod used to be, says it will soon file plans for a 400-unit residential building at 2 Charlesgate West - currently home to a a nondescript office building at the corner of Ipswich, where the previous owner once proposed a 29-story luxury tower fought by everybody from nearby residents to the Red Sox.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA this week, Scape did not say how many stories it would propose for its 285,000-square-foot Charlesgate building, which it says will also include "activated ground-floor retail and below-grade parking." The Boylston Street building will be 15 stories when completed.

Also not stated is whether the company still plans to offer all the units in the Charlesgate building as affordable.

When Scape proposed its Boylston Street building, it said it would do that to meet its overall requirements for inclusion of affordable units in the Fenway when it was done with the two buildings and a third planned for Audubon Circle. However, at the time, Scape also said the Charlesgate building would have roughly 220 units.

The company says it expects to file detailed plans within 60 days.

2 Charlesgate West letter of intent.

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For those living in the DSQ area Scape sent out a public notice of a neighborhood meeting on 8/25 for their 231-249 Elm St / 6-8 & 12 Grove street location. Looks like they're planning on building a 4 story commercial, service, retail and office use building there now.

Previously they were planning on building 300sqft dorm style living, I think covid might have killed that plan for such high density

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The previous development plans for 2 Charlesgate was 29 stories and 344,000 sqft. If this proposal is 285,000 sqft, it would seem they're still trying to approval for an absurdly-tall building, likely around 24 stories.

The developer did a fantastic job taking the Fenway resident concerns and amending their Boylston Street project, so hopefully they'll be open to feedback. More housing is always good, but putting a 20+ story building next to 5 story, 100-year old brick buildings is absurd.

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Like everything that has already been built in the last 10-15 years along Boylston Street between Park Dr. and Brookline Ave.?

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This building isn't replacing commercial properties on Boylston Street. It's literally next to a block of brick apartment buildings.

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Lots of research shows that high-volume market rate housing holds down rents for waaay more people than subsidized units do. Plus they bring life to the streets and no, they do not remain "vacant."

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