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Developer that put up one condo building on Centre Street in West Roxbury proposes another

Rendeirng of proposed Centre Street condos

Rendering by AD Architects.

CAD Builders of Canton this week filed plans for a 21-unit condo building to replace the former Peoples Federal Savings Bank bunker and the old Gilmore place on Centre Street.

Because this is West Roxbury, the proposal calls for 33 parking spaces, even though the company notes the building is on three bus lines and a short walk to the Highland stop on the Needham Line.

CAD also put up the condo building on Centre Street at Willow Street, across from the Starbucks and Roche Bros.

In 2019, CAD won approval to create that rarest of Boston projects - a subdivision, with 29 single-family houses, on the other side of West Roxbury.

Unusually for a project of this size, the proposed building will not require any zoning variances - which means all of the units can be sold at market rate.

The proposal for the two lots on Centre Street at Park Street also calls for ground-floor commercial space.

he high quality and thoroughness of design and construction methods will concurrently fit the character of the existing neighborhood while enhancing the aesthetics of the neighborhood as a whole. ...

The facade design and scale reflect the residential nature of the building through the development of window patterns and the materials used to clad the building. The mass of the building is broken down to a human-scale through plane-changes, the articulation of bays and through the use of architectural elements, such as cornices and parapets which will create variations in the way the building meets the sky.

1905-1911 Centre St. small-project review application (17.5M PDF).

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Good. Those two buildings are eyesores on Centre Street. And we need the housing. Should only be one spot per unit though.


But this is a fairly ugly wall.


.. fugly?


"You ugly. You ugly. You mama says you ugly.. U-G-L-Y...ugly! LOLOL

Gee...looks like every other building being built. Where is the imagination? And let's just say I am not shocked that none of these will be affordable housing.

You mean 3 bus routes? 35, 36 & 37

You can walk a few blocks up Park and catch the 38.


The developer mentions 5 bus lines, though I doubt many residents will be taking the hike to the nearest stops for the 38 or 51 unless they are going to the Faulkner or Cleveland Circle respectively.


would look to the 446 Belgrade building as inspiration for the design. That is a much better looking building. Their development at 1789 Centre St. adds nothing to the streetscape of the neighborhood and it seems this one would be just as bad looking.


Disipio construction built 1789 centre street condos across from Roche. Not CAD


CAD lists that as one of their "recent projects" (page 12 in the application).

Cad Builders was a partner on 1789 Centre St. It was a joint venture project with DiSipio Building Group.

The proposal for the two lots on Centre Street at Park Street also calls for ground-floor commercial space.

Yeah, yeah, that's great, except they're charging so much their other building's ground floor is still sitting empty. Oh yeah and the units themselves are still sitting on the market. 700k for a CONDO next to the glamourous NailsMAXX and a limited-hours Starbucks.

I want more housing but wish there was some kind of vacancy fee structure we could build into these proposals. If you haven't sold your units in x time, drop the price or pay a fee.


The building at 1789 Centre St has been sold and fully occupied for a while. The residential as well as the commercial space. It didn’t take that long at all for 17 units.

not true at all. live on willow and that place is maybe half full, if that. and there is nothing on the first floor. totally vacant

Those started above $700 but were selling for like $675. I think they were all sold, but I did see one that the original buyer had put up for sale.

That ground floor design SUCKS.