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Developers propose turning old nursing home in City Point into condos

Rendeirng of 804 East 7th St. proposal

Rendering by Vanko Studio Architects.

A pair of developers have filed plans with the BPDA to spend $8 million to convert the former Harborlights Nursing Home at 804 East 7th St. in South Boston into 31 condos.

The nursing home's owner shut the 89-bed facility in 2018.

Developers Christopher Anderson and Stephen Nios say the revamped three-story building would house mainly studio apartments, with four two-bedroom units and three one-bedroom units. Four of the units would be sold as affordable.

Anderson and Nios are proposing 31 parking spaces in a garage.

The building would gain a new brick facade.

804 East 7th St. filings and calendar.

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Do we have enough that we can convert some to general housing? I figured the need for nursing homes was going to skyrocket soon due to aging Boomers.

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Nursing homes have space available thanks to covid but my Dad was in a nursing pre-covid and I am so happy he died right before it.

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just what the masses need. Cram the proletariat worker bees into ever-smaller spaces. As long as they have a bike rack and plenty of craft beer they will dutifully serve their masters, who, living in one bedroom units, serve the overlords.

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I love my studio. I also love how you complain but don't offer what you'd like to see instead.

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