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Developers to submit proposal for condos, but no life-sciences labs, on 12-acre Jamaica Plain parcel

Three developers told the BPDA today they will soon file plans to build 24 townhouses and 12 condos on 12 acres of land at the end of Rockwood Street, at the Brookline line and about as rural as one can get within the Boston city limits.

Matthew Zuker and Ken Chase of NewMeadow Development of Needham and Armando Petruzziello of Dedham, said they would submit the plans for 96-100 Rockwood St., which currently two residences on it: A nine-bedroom, six-bathroom, five-fireplace, two-kitchen, 8,366-square-foot mansion, built in 1895, and a smaller three-family house.

In their letter of intent, the developer say the condos will each be 2,000 square feet, while the townhomes will range between 2,200 and 3,500 square feet.

Also, the project will result in "a bucolic residential community" as well as "a more horizontal development than has been typical of Boston's recent housing growth."

Rockwood Street letter of intent and schedule.

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There has got to be quite a backstory on that mansion. Anyboy know who had it built?

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It looks beautiful. It would be a shame if they bulldozed that.

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Only 36 housing units on 12 acres??? That's not how you solve a housing supply crisis.

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Not all of the 12 acres are buildable. The parcels include a large steep ledge so I would guess that half is unbuildable. It is also part of a conservation protection sub-district.

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Conservation protection sub-district = neighborhood for the wealthy where it's super critical to preserve trees and green spaces.

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And also, they will be building a "bucolic residential community." I added a bit more to the story just now.

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Going from one old mansion [not even very large by current mansion standards] on 12 acres to a 36 unit community of homes and town homes doesn't seem enough for you

Perhaps you would like some Hong Kong density of say 1000 units on 12 acres based on average sized housing unit in Hong Kong of 430 sq ft [100 units per acre if they are laid out in a single level with some space left over for walking paths].

Of course many many more units can be stacked vertically -- a building with a one acre footprint could house 100 Hong Kong units per floor with some common space on each floor. Make the tower just 40 stories and you would have 4000 units per acre. Fill half of the lot with towers and -- lo and behold you could have 24,000 units about 10% of Boston's total of 251,935 housing units

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Maybe somewhere a bit closer to the T, but this sounds like a great idea.

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