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Distillery tasting room planned for Charlestown; brewery taproom planned for Brighton

Sorgini and Lohring

Distilling Sorgini and brewing Lohring.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to grant the "pouring" licenses an existing distillery on Terminal Street in Charlestown and a proposed brewery as part of the Speedway project in Brighton need to open their doors to the public.

John Sorgini's Chattermark Distillers, 200 Terminal St., alongside the Tobin Bridge, would have a 40-seat tasting room for the gin, rye and whiskey it produces.

The mayor's officer supported the proposal, saying there are no neighbors nearby that could possibly be bothered.

Christopher Lohring's Notch Brewing would be part of the renovated Speedway building, formerly the State Police barracks near where Birmingham Parkway and Western Avenue meet Soldiers Field Road and would have 100-seat tap room and would share a courtyard with restaurants also planned for the renovated building. Notch already has a brewery in Salem.

The mayor's office also supported this proposal, as did the office of state Rep. Michael Moran.



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Interesting. Cool, that'd be great for that area

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That's where Downeast got their start with a cidery and taproom.

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They were in Maine before that.

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