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Dot dentist kept kids in braces longer than needed as part of plot to defraud MassHealth, state charges

The Dorchester Reporter extracts the story.


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This same practice tried to tell my wife that she had 4-6 cavities when she had NO FILLINGS and PERFECT TEETH (seriously, she has the teeth of a celebrity). When my wife pushed back they insisted. Then when she asked for the Xrays under HIPAA for a second opinion, they tried to duck her by refusing calls. Eventually they gave up the records, our regular dentist confirmed the scam and she lodged a complaint with the appropriate authorities (with support from other dentist).

They were going to drill perfect teeth just to collect the fees! Year later...still no cavities on any of those teeth.

This dentist should be stripped of his license, fined heavily and jailed.

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I hear he has some valuable real estate. And if they DO put him in jail, he should have to treat prisoners (for free). I'm sure he could actually do a lot of good providing dental services in jail.

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Why should you get anything at all? Any damages and restitutions are due to the people he harmed, maybe permanently, with his quack fraud.

And on top of that, you would sic him on prisoners? I think even they deserve better than that. It's a good possibility that he has ruined some people teeth and they will be dealing with the consequences the rest of their lives.

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Was this masshealth?

Cuz I've found many dentists now do this more often than not. Ex roommate was going to a place in town.. had top of the line dental insurance. Every time he would go, he'd go "they are filling cavities" After the 4 or 5th time I asked "are you teeth that bad" (they aren't), and he started to question it. Long story short, he just switched because he figured out he was being scammed. New dentist was the exact opposite and told him he be wary of this.

But this is very common now. Why? because they make $$$$ on every filling, porcelain. Its more costly. So they push it more and brush it under "it needed to be done".

No. It doesn't. Its a scam by dentists to squeeze you for as much $$ as possible.. or your insurance, in hopes you don't question anything they want in fear of not having a perfect smile.

Once we ever fix healthcare, we will fix dental next. It's a silent scam we're all paying for.

There's a reason why I drive 2 hours to go to the same dental office I've gone since I was a teenager. It's now his two daughters, and they runs the practice in the same **affordable** manner their father did. I never walk out of there feeling like I was taken or had stuff I feel I didn't really need. Sure I can't watch a movie on goggles while I have work done, or the waiting room still looks as it did when we started going there in 1986, but that's OK. I'll take that over, filling that costs twice a much.

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subject him to some unnecessary root canals.

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Can they get him on child abuse, also. Braces and mouth guards are not fun. Mk

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… really caps off the story. Good for Dot News for getting to the root of this. They ought to win an award and be given a commemorative plaque. I hear it's also a good place for new reporters to cut their teeth.

(very, very sorry)

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