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Downtown bouncer who started cursing out cops after threatening to beat up his own customers is now an ex-bouncer

A Union Street bar promptly fired a bouncer who started challenging patrons to fight, cursed out a police officer who responded to that and then threw a fellow bouncer into a wall after the other bouncer tried to get him inside before he further embarrassed himself.

The man is no longer employed by Sons of Boston, 17 Union St., bar manager Jason Kuczynski told the Boston Licensing Board at a hearing this morning.

According to police, around 9:50 p.m. on Oct. 9, an officer on patrol was flagged down by somebody who urged him to hurry over to the bar because the bouncer was trying to get patrons to fight him as he stood at the door, wearing a flat-brimmed Sox hat, holding a cigarette in one hand, his neck heavily tattooed. "You should do something with that guy, he's very angry," the man told the officer, according to a police report.

When the officer arrived, Sgt. Det. William Gallagher said, the bouncer turned his ire on the police.

"He began yelling 'fuck the police, they can't do shit, I'm working, I'll fuck you up!' " Gallagher said. The man rejected entreaties to calm down, and instead just continued to curse the police. Gallagher said a second Sons of Boston bouncer tried to get him inside, "at which point [the bouncer) shoved him into the building while yelling 'get the fuck off me!"

"It's totally inexcusable," Kuczunksi acknowledged. "I'm not sure what that employee was thinking or why he lashed out. It's definitely not how our interactions with the police should be."

The board decides Thursday whether the incident warrants any punishment.


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One of the biggest ego jobs out there.

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How sad our society can't support a man who's just embracing his masculinity.

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It says he was holding a cigarette in one hand, but not what he was holding in the other. He must have been using it to embrace his masculinity.

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are never words that end well.

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Ms. "I'm not going to jail!" is, well, going to jail.

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de-roided coffee.

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...public cannabis smoking is much more noxious, obnoxious, and equally illegal. Wouldn't mind some enforcement of *those* laws.

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We see what you did there!

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