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West Roxbury man drowned in an upside-down SUV on the side of 128 because driver was drunk, police say

State Police report arresting a Brighton man whose car overturned on Rte. 128 at University Avenue early Saturday on a variety of charges, including felony motor-vehicle homicide while operating under the influence.

State Police say Arkeem Samuel, 28, of Brighton was driving drunk when he rolled his RAV4 off the highway around 4:20 a.m., landing upside down in a rain-filled gully. Arriving troopers got both Samuel and his passenger, Liam Fitzgerald, 27, of West Roxbury out of the car and attempted to revive them before ambulances arrived to take them to a local hospital. Samuel lived, and was released later in the day, but Fitzgerald was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at the hospital.

Samuel was charged with felony motor vehicle homicide while operating under the influence, OUI, negligent operation and marked-lanes violation, State Police say.

Innocent, etc.


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I was wondering how that happened - not how they ended up off the road but how a passenger (but not the driver) ended up drowning.

Peace be to their family and friends.

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he was my cousin, thank you for your concern although I have only met him twice his mother is the last remaining cousin to my father they're very close and everyone is beyond torn

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Sorry for your loss.

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…. never drives again.

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I am so saddened by this accident.
The driver of the car was an activist, that just earned his social work degree. He had overcome a lot and I have seen him use his experience with hardship to profoundly change others lives. It is so very sad that one mistake can change the life you have created to serve others. This is why when we hear stories like this we need to lovingly pray for both sides. The poor surviver and for the tragic loss of his friend that died.
I can’t imagine living through this! I am devastated for all!!

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“we need to lovingly PRAY for both sides.”

Very nice what you said but this was totally unnecessary, to put it mildly.

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A-Hole Pills. I see you are taking them by the fistful tonight.

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I’ll pray for you.

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Little advice - Stop asking 4th graders on the street for witty retorts for you to use. You seem to be making a habit out of it.

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In a situation like these, there are no winners. There is only tragedy and loss. And unfortunately, it is as a result of an avoidable mistake.

What will it take for this to stop happening? Because it's far from the first time someone has erred to cause this result, and it's likely far from the last time, too.

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It wasn’t an “accident”. The driver knowingly got behind the wheel while intoxicated. He endangered the lives of potentially hundreds of innocent people who were on the streets and sidewalks near him. You think it was just one mistake? That this was the first and only time he drove drunk? That’s incredibly naive.

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… is that others may possibly have knowingly enabled his intoxication.

It was definitely no accident, as you point out.

The recent death of the young Somerville woman on the boat that crashed in Boston harbor, and now this, are very disturbing.

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You have to drink to be drunk, then get behind the wheel, then start driving.

It requires multiple lapses in judgement and willful acts to result in drunk and driving.

Time to stop enabling a person with a serious problem - be it substance use or entitlement or denial - who just killed someone.

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