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Driver slams into multiple cars in Roxbury, flips over, gets out and runs away

Matthew Gregoire has the video and aftermath photos from a crash on Chesterton Street around 4 a.m.


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'Tis the season for MassHoleryt.


… not one of those scofflaw cyclists.


I’m sure one of those traffic light cameras would have prevented this, amirite?


We’ll never know, amirite?

Installed on all new cars. Too drunk? Car won't start.

Over time it would certainly help.

(Remember folks: the SCOTUS has repeatedly ruled that there is no right to drive, so no worries about all those "rights" that you think you have, but don't)

On today's episode of totally reasonable ideas that will happen...

They have a ludicrous false positive rate, and preliminary breathalyzer test results (the kind administered in the field) aren't even admissible as evidence of OUI in Massachusetts and many other state courts. High results can be used as justification to arrest someone and bring them to the station, at which point more accurate tests are administered, but the devices just don't work well enough to be used as evidence themselves.

It would be great if we had reliable, portable scientific ways to determine if someone is impaired, and if we did, I could see putting them in as safety features on all of our vehicles. But such tests don't exist at this time, so it would be a disaster if we tried to roll them out that widely. Sober people would wind up getting stranded in their cars too often.

I read about how new cars will have an alcohol lockout. The family and I were discussing the details and how it might be easy to get around it by having your non-drunk passenger (or child) blow into the thing. Also, how will this thing get cleaned and calibrated? Is there an "emergency" way around it if the device acts up and you really NEED to get the car started. Even though, in principle the idea makes sense, for now there are so many questions, but really no answers.

… that would call for allowing drunk driving. This kind of thinking is a big part of the problem.

… that would call for allowing drunk driving. This kind of thinking is a big part of the problem.

you've gotta understand, cars are going to hit you.