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Driver takes out utility pole on Rowe Street in Roslindale

Pole knocked down by car on Rowe Street

Ed Grzyb surveys the damage, urges people to avoid Rowe Street.

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One armed push up? Seriously though, so many of the phone poles around here are like many of us, old and brittle and warped, we need a term for this sort of thing analogous to "storrowing", any suggestions UHubbers? I'll start, "pole faulting" as in, "It wasn't my fault, that pole was in my way and its old, brittle and warped."

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A pole doesn't have to be old to be old to suffer this fate. The one in front of our house gets taken out every few years. All it takes is a car going fast enough, with a distracted or drunk driver. Ours typically shears off at the base, and a guy wire from another pole holds it upright, sitting on the sidewalk. We usually don't even lose power, even though the service comes from that pole to the house.

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