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East Boston getting sea wall murals

Liverpool Street in East Boston gets a sea-related mural

Taj Francis of Jamaica paints at 150 Liverpool St.

Greg Cook reports on the Sea Walls project - in which artists are fanning out across East Boston for the second year to paint murals bringing attention to the waters that surround East Boston - and the rest of the city. In addition to East Boston, the New England Aquarium across the harbor will be getting a large mural by Shepard Fairey, best known for his "Hope" and "Obey" works.


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I'm sorry to see Shepard Fairey get that big canvas, given his history of helping himself to the work of others while suing others who use his work. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shepard_Fairey#Legal_issues_with_appropria...

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Happening now, I have never seen so many Yuppies in line to get on the ship that’s docked in East Boston just to get a drink and a $5 oyster.

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The last time you visited Boston the Boston and Transit police pulled a pr stunt and had you arrested at the ICA. I believe all charges were dropped.

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And more lovely pictures in the linked article.

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