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Egleston Square farmers market shuts for good

Organizers of the Egleston Square farmers market announced today that, after eight years, it has shut for good. No reason given.


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Unfortunate but the majority of Egelston and Stonybrook can't really afford prices. Even with food stamps you get more food to survive and feed a family at Save a Lot and other discount food stores.

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I wondered how far this program went where you got 2 for 1 with your food stamp money. Seemed like a decent deal

Then again I realized a tomato is 3 bucks at a farmers market, so its not that cheap.

and yeah you are right, its cheaper to feed someone from a discount store. 5 for 2 dollar mac N cheese goes alot further than that tomato.

Food inequality will be the next biggest issue. Its getting worse.

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You'll never fix it.

Do you know how cheap, quick and maintenance free it is to grow something like spinach or lettuce. You can't fix lazy!

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And you're willing to consume the fruits & vegetables quickly, you're going to get a better deal at the Haymarket if you're willing to carry all that stuff back home.

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It's not so much willing. It's more like survival mode. I don't have a car. I get around by bus with my cart on wheels I bought at Happy Dollar on ALH for less than $25. You do what you HAVE to. There's a significant population of my peers who do the same thing.

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Oh yes. I know about this.

in 2004 I was living on 53/week from unemployment.

I went to Haymarket every Friday with my grannycart. Spent 20 bucks and filled the cart up. I ate well.

It was all I had.

But you are correct, that stuff rots within days.

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The streets surrounding this market are like 600k for a modest two bedroom condo.

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Was it ever opened? I've seen signs in the past several years but no market

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For the past couple of years this market was either inside the Brewery Complex or in Our Lady of Lourdes hall next to the Brewery.

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It was outside as recently as fall of 2019.

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