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Election roundup: Barros would require shots for city workers; more endorsements announced for city council

John Barros said yesterday it's time for the city to require its employees to either get vaccinated against Covid-19 or submit to weekly tests.

With delta surging, he said:

City employees have been doing incredibly heroic work throughout the pandemic, and we have a responsibility to make sure they're protected from COVID exposure in the workplace. We also have a responsibility to protect members of the public who interact with city employees.

Barros and other mayoral candidates will participate in a forum on the future of the Boston waterfront on Thursday, starting at 4:30 p.m. Free registration required.

The Greater Boston Labor Council has endorsed Ruthzee Louijeune for one of the four at-large council seats. Darlene Lombos, the council's executive secretary and treasurer said in a statement:

As we emerge from the pandemic, workers are committed to building back better and to building a movement for worker justice. We know that Ruthzee will be with us in this fight as a fierce advocate for the labor movement in Boston and our values of equity, opportunity and strong communities.

Dorchester City Councilor Frank Baker is backing Jon Spillane for one of those four seats:

Jon supports re-opening Long Island, utilizing the Shattuck Hospital, and building bridges with our state and federal government are crucial tools in our efforts to house our neighbors and deliver supportive services. Jon will be ready on day one to generate real solutions to the greatest issues facing our City at this critical moment.



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Does an acting mayor has the authority to mandate vaccines for city workers?

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Does an acting mayor has the authority to mandate vaccines for city workers?

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