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Election roundup: Chang-Diaz goes for Wu

Sonia Chang-Diaz, the state senator who hopes to be governor endorsed Wu at a campaign event at Villa Victoria in the South End yesterday:

Michelle Wu is a fearless champion for Boston's working families. She has shown time and again the vision and grit to take on the big fights for this city - from paid parental leave to community choice energy. I know Michelle will be a strong local partner in delivering the bold, transformational change our state needs.

Both Wu and Essaibi George support Covid-19 vaccination, but Wu might be more willing to consider another lockdown should infection rates skyrocket, WCVB reports.

The Herald reports Kim Janey had a get together for her supporters, did not endorse either of the finalists, said she might not do so.



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I've never voted for someone because of an endorsement.
I get the purpose of them but do they convince anyone?

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I voted for a city councilor-at-large because Elizabeth Warren endorsed her and I was too busy to research her myself.

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That depends. Which candidates are endorsed by the universalhub editorial board?

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of course very few people will go out and vote for someone based on the word of another person who they happen to like already like. but who knows? maybe you make a little more effort to check how the endorsed candidate would vote on an issue you care about; maybe you mention to a friend that your preferred politician is endorsing a particular candidate in a close election. it’s the power of suggestion.

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Endorsements are not at all about voter persuasion. They are mostly about fundraising. You signal to those who bribe/sorry/support you by "endorsing" them. It is proxy fundraising. It is also a great way to gain the additional support of the more senior office holder for your few paltry dollars as a donor. Who cares if they win or lose--you and they gain power together. Scummy people bathing together. The dirty underbelly of democracy.

It is all such a scummy existence. I had a person in my life I really respected but she decided to run for office and surprisingly won. She is well known to many in this community. She has lost most of the respect I had for her, which was a lot. It is such a shame what people do to be elected. And especially to stay in office.

Her husband, though, is one of the best human beings I have been privileged to call a friend. Beautiful man.

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They convince people who don't have a lot of time/energy to put into researching candidates. The thinking is something like "I trust this person and agree with them on relevant issues, if they say John Doe would be a good mayor I'll vote for him." I would rather vote for someone because (say) Elizabeth Warren endorses them, than because they can afford lots of TV ads, or because of their basketball or acting skills.

This may be less a thing when people are running for governor, or mayor of Boston--there's more information out there. If you live somewhere with an elected Board of Education, it's hard to find much beyond motherhood and apple pie statements about the importance of schools.

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Why is Uhub putting politician's names bold?

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It helps make it clear that each section is about a different person or race, and who's involved with that.

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