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Election roundup: Council tells Janey they brought her into this world and they can take her out of it; more endorsements

Adrian Walker breaks down the City Council's sudden need to tell Kim Janey they're still the boss of her: She's stopped returning their phone calls.

Bill Walczak, who knows something about running for mayor, having done it in 2013, poses some questions for this year's crop of candidates.

Yawu Miller says those candidates face an electorate that's moving to the left.

Janey and Annissa Essaibi George raised the most money in May, the Dorchester Reporter reports.

Confused about which of the gazillion at-large candidates to vote for in September? The Boston Ward 4 and Ward 5 Democratic Committees are hosting an at-large candidate forum at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 24. It'll be on Zoom; free registration required.

AFSCME Council 93, which represents locals made up of Boston public-service workers, has endorsed Essaibi George. "As an organization whose membership is made up of those doing critical work for the City of Boston, we know how important it is to elect a mayor who has our backs - and Annissa is and will be that leader,” said Christopher "Tiger" Stockbridge, President of Local 1631.

The Massachusetts Chapter of the Sierra Club has endorsed Michelle Wu. Chapter Director Deb Pasternak said: "As a coastal city, Boston faces unique challenges to protect its harbor, city infrastructure and vulnerable populations from the impacts of climate change. We strongly support Councilor Wu’s goal of achieving 100% clean electricity by 2035 and city-wide carbon neutrality by 2040. Her Green New Deal for Boston is an astonishingly thorough and strategic plan that provides solutions specific to the city and its diverse neighborhoods by addressing transportation issues, focusing on the development of local renewable power, adopting a net zero carbon zoning code as part of affordable housing strategy, and promoting conservation and open space."

Is Jon Santiago running for mayor or starring in the new hit drama, this fall on ABC?

The Boston Teachers Union is endorsing one of their own, Joel Richards, for the District 4 (Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale) council seat that Andrea Campbell is giving up.

"Joel is an active BTU union leader, dedicated BPS teacher and community organizer whose first priority is centering and listening to marginalized voices," BTU president Jessica Tang says. "He is a passionate and thoughtful activist, and we look forward to all the good work he will do on the City Council for our students, schools and community."

Proof Boston politics isn't always a Hobbesian war of all against all: Proof comes in this photo of the four candidates in District 6 (Jamaica Plain, Roslindale) getting together over some iced tea at Evergreen Eatery in JP.


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Kendra Hicks for District 6
Angie Camacho for District 7
Julia Mejia and Ruthzee Louijeune for At-Large

Some pretty impressive candidates.

Voting closed 29

Curious who is winning the sign wars. Only signs I have seen (in Brighton, I don't go far these days ..) have been for Annissa. Which I wonder if its cause she comes all the way over for the Park BBQs.

Voting closed 19

Which is not surprising. Wu is also definitely winning the chalk war on the paths in front of the Jamaica Pond boathouse, where her backers seem to gather before going out canvassing on weekends.

Essaibi George has a fair number of big-ass signs in West Roxbury, which is also not surprising.

Voting closed 25

Not many yet but now that Annissa is the entrenched interests candidate, I expect to see a lot of big signs in front of apartment buildings around Roslindale, put up by the landlords.

Voting closed 26

Anissa is dominating the sign war here in Readville. Unsurprising, as she seems to have a lock on the "blue lives matter, screw everyone else" constituency.

Voting closed 28

As long as we can keep the LNG terminal in Everett, there is nothing stopping the Green New Deal for the Boston "city".

Voting closed 21

The only cure here is to make this the last term for all presently serving council members.

Voting closed 26

"Conservation and open space" do nothing to reduce the city's carbon footprint. Also the lack of a single mention of reducing sprawl and car dependence is extremely disappointing.

Voting closed 19