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Election roundup: In Dorchester, a candidate exits; in JP, a candidate enters

Ashawn Dabney-Small, just 18 when he announced his run for the District 3 council seat (Dorchester) now held by Frank Baker announced today he won't be running for the seat after all.

But look for Dabney-Small to take a key role with the campaign of Michael Ruiz, who is running against US Rep Steve Lynch in the 8th district in the 2022 election.

That leaves (so far) Stephen McBride in the hunt for Baker's seat.

Meanwhile, in District 6 (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury and parts of Roslindale and Mission Hill), Kelly Ransom of Jamaica Plain will formally announce her campaign at 10 a.m. in front of where Bella Luna used to be. Incumbent Matt O'Malley isn't running again; Ransom will join Kendra Hicks (JP) and Mary Tamer (West Roxbury) in the race.

Acting-like-she's-running Mayor Kim Janey announced a new Boston tourism campaign the theme of which is basically: Ignore SNL, we're not that racist.

Definitely Running mayoral candidate John Barros alerts us that he's the one who greenlit the All Inclusive Boston tourism campaign back in his days as Marty Walsh's chief of economic development like, oh, six months ago.

Mayoral candidate Andrea Campbell has a plan to help restaurants recover from the effects of the pandemic and its shutdown.

Mayoral candidate Annissa Essaibi George holds an online session at 7p.m. on Tuesday to detail her plans for education and childcare in Boston.



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John Barros and Kim Janey will put an end to this town’s reputation as a racist shithole!

Who knew that by luck of the draw this could have happened?

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Looking forward to casting my ballot for Kendra Hicks in District 6.

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I have known Kelly Ransom personally for quite some time now, and can say she is a smart, good, passionate, hardworking person who cares about the people she is running to represent. I realize most people would say this about most candidates, but I have seen her dedication firsthand as she worked to organize and bring back the Latin Quarter Worlds Fair a couple of years ago. She built a beautiful festival that not only celebrated the cultural heritage of JP but also used the festival as an opportunity to create positive opportunities for students, artists, chefs and more outside of the celebration itself. You can see more about her on her website: https://www.votekellyransom.com/

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