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Election roundup: Dueling union endorsements

IBEW Local 103 is backing Annissa Essaibi George:

As a former union member herself, Annissa knows our values firsthand. She will advocate and fight for us every single day as our Mayor, and will always govern with Boston’s hard working residents and families in mind.

1199SEIU Healthcare Workers, though, are with Michelle Wu:

Never before have the issues of healthcare, childcare and pay and benefits for essential workers been more important. We are at a crossroads and we need a Mayor who will center the lives of caregivers in our recovery. We believe Michelle Wu is the candidate who will not only recognize our work and sacrifice as caregivers, but will help bring meaningful change to the City of Boston for everyone.

The Dorchester Reporter alerts us that Essaibi George says she's mad, mad, mad at the super PAC that have invested heavily in her election, and wants them to stop. The beauty, of course, is that super PACs don't have to listen to candidates, in fact, it's illegal for them to do any sort of coordinating with candidates, so Willie Gross and his Republican big-money backer can just keep on doing what they're doing.

David Halbert, making his second bid for an at-large council seat, has gotten the nod from District 8 (Back Bay, Bay Village, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Mission Hill) Councilor Kenzie Bok and Back Bay state Rep Jay Livingstone. Bok says:

Dave will be a fighter for environmental and housing justice, and as a BPS father he believes passionately in achieving educational excellence for all Boston's children. I am impressed by Dave's long-term commitment to public service in a variety of roles, and his immersion in the community life of Boston's neighborhoods, from East Boston to Dorchester to Mattapan.



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What percentage of these unions are vaccinated?

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...members live in the city?

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Door Knocking, Sign Holding, Ground Teams are good for any campaign.

SEIU has a solid ground game, I saw it in action back when the Brighton Counsel Seat was up for grabs.

Though race was a union zoo, BTU vs SEIU vs IBEW.

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What % of developers live in the city?
What about how both MW and AEG have raised more funds from outside the city than within it?

Voting closed 18

What's the detailed plan for drug trafficking, the horror movie reality at Methadone Mile and other Methadone Mile pop-ups? That's the toughest challenge for all candidates.

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Does MA allow union members to opt out from having their dues pay for political activity?

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Interesting that people who depend upon developers would endorse a mayoral candidate who has such a close connection to a developer.

Stinks of nepotism and kissing up. Would make the late members of Tammany Hall proud.

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